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Enjoy some photographs from our workshop at Bushkill Falls, PA on October 23rd.  One of the main focuses of the day was learning how to gauge shutter speed in order to either show the flow of the water or to freeze the movement to show its amazing force.  We did this by way of using neutral density filters to block the huge amount of light from the gorgeous sunny day we had.  Additionally, concepts of composition and exposure technique were discussed just as they are at all Kaz Arts workshops.


Photo by Michael Paxton



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Here is a preview for those attending the Eastern State Penitentiary Workshop in Philadelphia next weekend on November 6th.  I wanted to post these so you can get an idea for the look and feel of the place and begin to brainstorm some ideas and compositions.  As always, there will be specialty lenses available for use throughout the day.  Don’t be shy!  Enjoy the photos and let me know if you have any questions.



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Wow, it’s been a great and busy Fall workshop season for Kaz Arts Photography.  Gleason’s Gym & Historic Brooklyn, The Cloisters, Bushkill Falls & finally Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia coming up on November 6.
Everyone has been having a lovely time on the trips, learning a lot and producing some fantastic results.

Last week, we ran two workshops to the Cloisters Museum in Manhattan.  The museum is a replica of a medieval French cloister and houses a vast collection of medieval art and architecture.  Almost all of the stone walls, pillars and doors  have actually been brought over from former monasteries and cloisters in Europe, particularly France.  Why come to The Cloisters for a photography workshop?  Because it is a great study in understanding light and composition.   Those are the nuts and bolts of photography, right?  The way the light pours into the windows and the way shadows are cast on both sculptures and architectural designs can be breathtaking.

Please enjoy the work of some of last week’s participants below:


Photo by Lane Lewis

Photo by Bette Schultz

Photo by Catriona Hill


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October 4 – 11   2010

Workshop Details

Join us in Umbria, ‘The Green Heart of Italy’

Registration Deadline: August 15, 2010

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2009 Workshop Schedule

2009 Workshop Schedule

I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting my release of the 2009 Kaz Arts Workshop schedule, and it is finally ready for publication.

You can see our workshop offerings for the first-half of 2009 here on the Workshop Page.  Please contact me directly via e-mail if you have any questions or to sign up for a workshop.

A handful of workshops still lack specific dates and pricing, but they will be updated as soon as I have more solid information.

Bookmark the Workshop page and check back often as new workshops will be added and information will be updated.

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Just a note to our regular readers, and readers who might be stumbling upon this page today, I will be posting our workshops schedule for the first half of 2009 by the end of next week.  Most workshop dates will be solid and confirmed, while some have dates (mostly toward the end of May/early June) which are yet to be determined.  No matter what, please keep checking back to this site often to see the list of fascinating (honestly) field trips and workshops we will be offering this year.  WORKSHOP PAGE

As always, private instruction opportunities are available for those who are looking to advance their photographic and imaging skills.
Course work can be customized and structured to your learning habits and as easy-going or accelerated as you like – your choice!  Please visit our Private Instruction page, or contact me directly for more details.

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It was a big weekend for the photo industry in New York at the Photo Plus Expo where vendors show their goods to the area’s photographic community.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t too much in the way of big news to report.  Nikon showed nothing new, and no rumors were leaked about the upcoming D3x and their MX format probably set to be announced first quarter 2009.  There are only five pre-production Canon 5D II bodies in existence and it appeared a couple were on hand at the Canon booth.  Epson probably had the neatest showing of new product with their new HDR printer technology.  We were able to get a print signed by Jay Maisel of an image printed using the Epson HDR ink technology from the soon to be released Epson 9900 large format printer.  The colors are quite vibrant!

Our prime purpose for attending the conference this year was two-fold.  First, we met with a custom website development company, Livebooks, to begin the re-design of our website, www.kazarts.com, from the ground up to be able to better promote our photography business.  They will work with us to design the site to our specifications and their programmers will optimize the site so that it will appear better in internet search queries.  Part of the problem we noticed with our current website is that we are not visible unless someone types in my name (Eric Kazmirek), or Kaz Arts.  How is this useful if someone does not know our name?  Well, it isn’t useful at all.

The second reason for attending the Photo Expo was to meet up with friends of ours from Italy who we will begin working closely with in order to offer photography workshops in a country Kerry & I love very much. (Check back for details on these workshops over the next couple months). Italy, with its distinctly different regions, is a photographer’s dream.  The idea behind our workshops will be not to just drag people around to the famous & touristy spots in the country, but to be immersed in the culture and discover the very many secrets Italy has to offer.  A glimpse of this will be available in a near-future gallery posting by me, and a soon-to-be published book of a collection of my Italy work last time I was there to visit our friends. 

Saturday evening after the conference, we took our friends to an authentic Sardinian restaurant on the lower east side of Manhattan named Cannonau.  We have eaten there many times before and our Italian friends had a wonderful time speaking in Italian to the owners of the establishment.  For dinner I had wild boar and Kerry enjoyed suckling pig, both fine Italian specialties.

Too bad it down poured on our way back to our friend’s apartment where we were spending the night.  A soggy end to a great day.

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