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Epson 4880 Pro with Vivid Magenta Inks

Epson 4880 Pro with Vivid Magenta Inks

Today’s post is not a structured formal review – there will be plenty of those coming in the weeks ahead as new products will begin to ship from the manufacturers.  Instead, today’s article is just a casual discussion about the wide format printer I have been using for the past year: the Epson 4880 with Vivid Magenta Inks.  I have owned the printer for 13 months, 12 of which I have actually used the printer.  Much to my dismay, when the printer initially arrived it sat in its box for about a month as there were other projects going on, and quite honestly no place to put it yet as we really had no idea how large this sucker actually was!  By the way, in case you are wondering – it’s heavy too, about 90lbs!



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