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This week’s photos come from Priscilla Miller, one of my clients and a photographer from Bernardsville, NJ who specializes in equestrian photography.  Priscilla just returned from one of her favorite vacation spots and was kind enough to share some of her images with us for the blog.

Hope you enjoy!  All photos are  ©2009 Priscilla K. Miller, All rights reserved.

Hummingbirds are ubiquitous in Antigua, this one was buzzing the flowers along the path to Fort Berkeley, English Harbor, Antigua.

Mr. Eleston Adams – Incumbent candidate for parliament from St. Paul’s Parish, Antigua for the incumbent UPP government (United Progressive Party).  Adams was the minister for Culture and Independence Celebrations, but since winning this election he has had his duties re-assigned and is pending notification of his new role in government.  He is also a playwright, actor, cricketer and footballer with the alias of Nambulumbu Nambalala AKA Nambu.

A beach vendor at Darkwood Beach, Eileen, was hoping to sell bracelets made of shells to a group of holiday makers who were picnicing on the beach.  Business has not been very good for her this year.


Horses graze below the ruins of a sugar mill at FFryes Beach on the southwest coast of Antigua.  Antigua was once a major producer of sugar cane, and abandoned mills dot the countryside recalling days of British colonialism and slavery.  Molasses, slaves and rum.


Limin’ at Fryes Beach.  Several Antiguan men take time off midday to relax in the shade.  Limin’, short for Liming is a term for relaxing or hanging about derived from when British Sailors came ashore on leave.  The sailors were known as Limeys,as they were fed lime juice to prevent scurvy on long voyages.

Fresh caught Dorado on the pavers at Nelson’s Dockyard, English Harbor, Antigua.  16mm lens


“JB” Bailey works on his racing yacht, the, “Semper Fi”  named in honor of his son who is currently serving as a US Marine in Iraq.  His son is due to return to San Diego in early April of this year.


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