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October 4 – 11   2010

Workshop Details

Join us in Umbria, ‘The Green Heart of Italy’

Registration Deadline: August 15, 2010

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This photograph was made in Assisi, Italy during the 2007 Mille Miglia, a one thousand mile car race through Italy!  The streets in the medieval hilltowns of the Umbrian region of Italy are so narrow that it is often times difficult for a car to drive on the same road people are walking on.  As can be seen in this photograph, I was very, very close to the Porsche that was about to zip past me.  So, with my back up against the building wall and a wide angle lens strapped to the camera, I was able to show a bit more room than there really was.  Add a little bit of zoom blur (rotating the zoom setting on the lens while the shutter is open), and voila! – you have yourself a respectable racecar action photo!   Enjoy!



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Postcard copy

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Another group of photographs from our trip to Italy a couple of months ago.  Enjoy!



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Monk  -  Spello, Italy

Monk - Spello, Italy

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Stroncone, Umbria, Italia

Stroncone, Umbria, Italia

This was the view from my bedroom balcony for close to two weeks.  Majestic.

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One of the village's 20 residents

One of the village's 16 residents

Ok, so Labro isn’t totally abandoned.  The prince still lives in the castle and there is a very popular restaurant in the village.  However, in terms of actual residents – yea, 16.  Including the cat.

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