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2009 Workshop Schedule

2009 Workshop Schedule

I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting my release of the 2009 Kaz Arts Workshop schedule, and it is finally ready for publication.

You can see our workshop offerings for the first-half of 2009 here on the Workshop Page.  Please contact me directly via e-mail if you have any questions or to sign up for a workshop.

A handful of workshops still lack specific dates and pricing, but they will be updated as soon as I have more solid information.

Bookmark the Workshop page and check back often as new workshops will be added and information will be updated.

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Just a note to our regular readers, and readers who might be stumbling upon this page today, I will be posting our workshops schedule for the first half of 2009 by the end of next week.  Most workshop dates will be solid and confirmed, while some have dates (mostly toward the end of May/early June) which are yet to be determined.  No matter what, please keep checking back to this site often to see the list of fascinating (honestly) field trips and workshops we will be offering this year.  WORKSHOP PAGE

As always, private instruction opportunities are available for those who are looking to advance their photographic and imaging skills.
Course work can be customized and structured to your learning habits and as easy-going or accelerated as you like – your choice!  Please visit our Private Instruction page, or contact me directly for more details.

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The holiday season is here again, and for many of you that means considering the gift of a camera and/or equipment.  It is unfortunate that the landscape of this industry has changed quite significantly, and not necessarily for the better for retailer or consumer!  The advantages of shopping at a local store are masked as camera manufacturers allow big-box chain stores to break minimum advertised price (MAP) assignments on products.  Additionally, many camera manufacturers seem to have taken a step back as the newer models are built to cheaper specifications, they design products so they are ‘replaceable’, and are entrenched in a never-ending resolution race!  In light of all of this, I have picked out for you the best photo purchases available for the 2008 Holiday Season.  Here are my suggestions for the best photo equipment in four different price categories:

Less than $100

Card reader – the absolute essential for image transfer to the computer. Don’t fuss with the USB cable that comes in the camera box. This is the FASTEST & SAFEST way to transfer your images.

Media Tube – a device exclusively from Promaster that allows one to insert a memory card into the unit and playback images on your HD television in stunning high-definition quality.  Accepts all types of memory cards and allows for slideshow setup with audio capability.

Promaster Media Tube

Promaster Media Tube

Digital Picture Frame
– a great idea especially for relatives who may not be too computer savvy to retrieve photos from e-mail.  Buy them a digital picture frame, load images onto a memory card and set it up for them.  Screens comes in various sizes. Make sure to get one that takes a memory card and doesn’t rely on built-in memory as they operate much faster.  The best brands are Sunpak, eMotion and Digital Foci.

Filters – Every lens should have a UV filter.  You will hear people say having a cheap piece of glass in front of your nice lens cuts down on image quality.  As a working pro, I admit this – it does!  However, I am willing to live with the slight loss in image quality in order to protect the number of $1000+ lenses I own.  Just make sure you purchase a filter that is designed for digital.  They cut down on the glare, and have much better light transmission for a digital sensor than a filter that was designed for film.  Additionally, circular polarizing filters are nice for travel and landscape photography.  Once again, make sure you purchase one for use on a digital camera.   There really is a difference!

Extra Battery – kind of a no-brainer in most situations.  Sure, your camera battery might be rechargeable, but what if your battery dies while you are out for the day.  This way you’ll have a spare one in your bag.

Remote release cable – essential for tripod work when you are shooting landscapes or macro.  Prevents you from having to physically touch the camera to take a picture.  You’d be surprised how much movement your lightest touch can add to the camera!

Less than $500

Panasonic TZ-5 – 9.1mp, 10x optical zoom, 28mm wide angle, image stabilizer, 3″ screen, Leica lens, small package. ’nuff said.  The predecessor to this camera, the TZ-3 was hands down the #1 seller Holiday 2007.  A gorgeous unit.  It does however begin to fail in indoor and lower light situations.  Purse-sized. Buy it here for $225 after Instant Rebate

Panasonic TZ-5

Panasonic TZ-5


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