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October 4 – 11   2010

Workshop Details

Join us in Umbria, ‘The Green Heart of Italy’

Registration Deadline: August 15, 2010


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This month we are featuring the work of Dick Edwards, a client of mine from Northern New Jersey

The city [Venice] is divided into six Siestrie (or districts); three on the north side of the Grand Canal, San Marco, Cannaregio, and Castello and three to the south, Santa Croce, San Palo and Dorsoduro. Additionally, the long narrow island of Guidecca lies across the Guidecca Canal, south of Dorsorado, and serves as home to working-class Venetians.

Mention “Venice” to the once-time visitor and most likely you will invoke memories of the “sights” of San Marco (the Bascilica, Dodges Palace, Piazza bearing the same name, and the north embankment of the Rialto Bridge).

It is in the “other” five siestrie, however, in the campi (there is only one piazza in Venice, San Marco, the other squares carry the designation “campo”), and along the calles, fondamentas, terras, that are found the images of light and darkness, permanence and decay, and above all, the interplay of brick, stone and water that comprise the magic of Venice. And it is these images that provoke the frequent traveler to Venice to ponder his next return.   ~ Dick Edwards

Mask Store - Campo San Barnaba, Dorsoduro

Catching Up - Calle del Traghetto, Dorsoduro

Gondola near Ponte di Rialto, San Polo

Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista, San Polo

Bridge over the Rio Malpaga, Dorsoduro

7:30 AM - Rio Terra dei Nombol, San Polo

Late afternoon in San Polo

Detail from Palazzo Ducale, San Marco

All photographs copyright 2010 Dick Edwards

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This photograph was made in Assisi, Italy during the 2007 Mille Miglia, a one thousand mile car race through Italy!  The streets in the medieval hilltowns of the Umbrian region of Italy are so narrow that it is often times difficult for a car to drive on the same road people are walking on.  As can be seen in this photograph, I was very, very close to the Porsche that was about to zip past me.  So, with my back up against the building wall and a wide angle lens strapped to the camera, I was able to show a bit more room than there really was.  Add a little bit of zoom blur (rotating the zoom setting on the lens while the shutter is open), and voila! – you have yourself a respectable racecar action photo!   Enjoy!



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Postcard copy

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Another group of photographs from our trip to Italy a couple of months ago.  Enjoy!



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Siena, Italy

Siena, Italy

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Monk  -  Spello, Italy

Monk - Spello, Italy

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