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Yesterday was the annual Thanksgiving Day Fox Hunt of the Essex Fox Hounds Club and was held on the Ellistan Estate in Peapack-Gladstone, New Jersey.  We have been attending this event for the past few years in order to photograph the riders, horses and hounds.  It’s a charming way to begin your Thanksgiving morning.  A gentle snow fell in the morning right before the hounds took off in pursuit of their prey and this made for some very dramatic images.  Enjoy a handful of our photos posted below and please follow this link to the NJ.com / Star Ledger Article to read more about this event.

Four-in-Hand Carriage


Detail of Coachman

Great Dane & Little Friend

The Hounds Arrive!

Silly Hounds!



And off they go!


And then they vanished into the woods


All photos copyright 2010 Kaz Arts Photography.  May not be used without permission.   Full resolution files of the above photos and others  are available for publishing.   Please contact for details.

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Fjoery von Schuilenberg - Free Spirit Friesian Farms

An outtake from this morning’s shoot in an ongoing commercial photography project with Free Spirit Friesian Farms in Whitehouse Station, NJ.

Free Spirit Friesian Farms is a breeder of Friesian horses.

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Kerry’s dream was to have her bridal portraits done while riding horseback on  a Friesian.  Well, we made it happen.  One of our clients knows a number of horse breeders in Hunterdon county, and we made a connection.  The horse you see here is named Fjoory, originally from Holland.  We’ve developed a nice relationship with the breeder, so hopefully we will be able to do photo workshops with horse and model sometime very soon.  Enjoy the photos!


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Master of the Hunt with Hounds

Master of the Hunt with Hounds

On Thanksgiving morning we attended the Essex Hunt in Peapack, New Jersey.

Nikon D3     Nikon 70-200 VR     ISO AUTO @ 200

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