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Sour news for all Canon users who might have been expecting a new 1-Series DSLR on March 26.  Looks like it will be a new incarnation of Digital Rebel.  Curious…odd…not quite sure why, considering the XSi is quite young.  Maybe it is going to be a sister camera?  I guess we’ll see once some ‘official’ news is released.

In other areas of the industry…the announcement of the Nikon D400 appears to be approaching closer as there has been some heavy activity in the rumor mill the past couple of days.  Yesterday Nikon Europe websites were down which typically means there is some product updates or product change-overs.  Why is it significant that it is happening on the Nikon Europe websites?  Nikon Europe is always the first to make major product announcements.

Whatever is announced, and whenever it becomes announced, I guarantee I will post my anticipations, opinions, remarks, and overviews here.


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Many people outside of workshop settings often ask me  how I get such sharp, crisp images.  Seriously, they do – and I usually tell them that I just have a really smart camera.  Although that might be true, there is certainly more to it than that.  In a not-so-formal essay, today I will outline some basic tips and techniques that I employ in order to achieve crisp photographs.  You can try them too, if you like.

While in workshop sessions, and people ask me how I get sharp photographs [particularly landscape & architecture shots] this is what I tell them:

  • I tripod mount my camera
  • Attach my cable release
  • I set my camera to the lowest native ISO
  • I close down my aperture approximately 2-3 stops from the widest opening (usually f/5.6-f/8).
  • Compose, meter, and focus the scene
  • Enable mirror lock-up
  • Depress my cable release

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I know that 150 units will be allocated to dealers in the United States next week.  Monday, Tuesday?  We’ll see.

If you were close to the top of the pre-order list and the dealer you placed your order with is lucky enough to get a piece, then you should be in good shape.  If not, don’t expect to see anymore until the New Year.

Hopefully there were no manufacturing issues in their haste to get some units shipping pre-Holiday.   I am not personally purchasing one (as I have no Canon lenses), but I will have one for evaluation for a couple of days next week.

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For those of you who are wondering if I magically obtained a test unit of the Canon 5D replacement model the answer is, sadly – no.  My hands-on field report for the original Canon 5D does admittedly come three years too late, but we can use this as an opportunity to review and reflect upon the ‘old 5D’ and look forward to hopefully all of the wonderful things the new camera model will be loaded with.  Please consider any faults outlined below about the 5D a guide for hopes of what they will fix in the new model.  My sample images scattered throughout this article have only gone through basic RAW processing.  None have been manipulated in Photoshop. (more…)

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This morning Canon has added a teaser page to its US website.  Destined Evolution is the catch-phrase.  A silhouette of a 5D-shaped camera body against a partially lit moon.  Is Canon ‘eclipsing’ the competition?  More to come on this once an official annoucement is made.  But, in the meantime, here is a list of specification and features we hope it should have.

  • Programmable Auto ISO
  • Higher Resolution, more accurate LCD Screen
  • Highlight and Shadow Recovery System (similar to Nikon’s Adaptive Dynamic Range), but only necessary for those who shoot in JPG
  • Better ergonomics & button placement (not likely to happen)
  • Easier way to set custom white balance parameters
  • ISO capabilities to at least equal Nikon’s D3 and D700.
  • I’m sure we’ll get more resolution.  16, or 17MP?  But we all know its not necessary…

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