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The photograph seen below which was used in a feature article on this blog a few months ago, ‘Abandoned City Hall Station‘ has been, among other images taken by John-Paul Palescandolo and myself, used in a Yahoo News Story. Additionally, the Huffington Post has run a similar article where we supplied additional photos to help expand the breadth of the viewer experience.



Photo by John Paul Palescandolo & Eric Kazmirek


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Awhile back, John-Paul Palescandolo, one of this site’s contributors went on a tour of some abandoned subway sections of New York City.  Becoming a member of New York Transit Museum is a great opportunity for those who have further interest in this area of history.

John-Paul ended up with a wonderful original capture of the main archway of the Old City Hall station stop, with all of the vibrantly-colored tilework, except for one problem – there was a wooden ramp in view, something that he had no control over.  Well, he did what any good photographer would do, which is try to get the best possible shot anyway.

Difficult lighting situation here – Canon EOS 5D using the Canon 24/1.4L @ ISO 400.  Image was captured hand-held at about 1/15 sec.
After the RAW processing, we come away with an image that is technically quite good.  Here you are:

Photo by John Paul Palescandolo


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