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Many people outside of workshop settings often ask me  how I get such sharp, crisp images.  Seriously, they do – and I usually tell them that I just have a really smart camera.  Although that might be true, there is certainly more to it than that.  In a not-so-formal essay, today I will outline some basic tips and techniques that I employ in order to achieve crisp photographs.  You can try them too, if you like.

While in workshop sessions, and people ask me how I get sharp photographs [particularly landscape & architecture shots] this is what I tell them:

  • I tripod mount my camera
  • Attach my cable release
  • I set my camera to the lowest native ISO
  • I close down my aperture approximately 2-3 stops from the widest opening (usually f/5.6-f/8).
  • Compose, meter, and focus the scene
  • Enable mirror lock-up
  • Depress my cable release

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