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One of the services Kaz Arts Photography offers is product photography.  An extension of product photography is the documentation and archiving of artwork, whether it is a painting, sculpture, embroidery, or installation piece.  A large portion of our product photography business is in fact the documentation and archiving of pieces of art mostly for local artists, students, and private collectors who may need photographs for the insurance of their art pieces.  We can provide both digital files or if necessary mounted slides of the artworks.

This past weekend, Kerry had the opportunity to photograph a number of original artworks owned by a local private individual.  Her insurance company wanted the pieces re-appraised and in addition, they wanted visual confirmation of the artworks.  One of the paintings photographed this weekend was an original Diego Rivera from 1936.  This was quite exciting and by far one of the most valuable piece we have ever photographed.  The only item that really surpasses this in value was a collection of Nestorian crosses from the Stone Age which were recovered in Mongolia and are housed in the Drew University Archives.

Well, we just thought we would share with you a little bit of our excitement and offer a sample of the artwork.  The client has requested we do not show the entirety of the painting, and we will respect this request.  Enjoy!

Crop of Left-side

Crop of Left-side

Diego Rivera 1936

Diego Rivera 1936

If you have any questions on this service we provide, please e-mail us.

As I said, we do this for local artists who need their work digitized, for students who need slides to submit with the college applications and of course for insurance documentation.  No piece of artwork is too large or too small!

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