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Signs of fall are everywhere as the weather starts to cool, the leaves begin to turn and our local apples are in harvest.  In honor of these apple crops, Eric and I traveled up to Warwick, NY for the 20th annual Applefest.  Held the first weekend in October, Applefest is an event that draws thousands of people a year.  Warwick is located just 5 miles past the New Jersey/New York state line in Orange county (a little over an hour drive from Summit, NJ).

Warwick County Park

Warwick County Park, 6:45AM

Sunday morning at 5:30 AM saw us in the car and on our way.  Our initial plan had been to stop and photograph the sunrise, but it rained the whole drive up, only slowing to a mist as we entered town.  This is a good example of how technical knowledge combined with the right tools can allow you to capture great images when the elements are not ideal for photographing.  The weather at 6:30AM was damp and foggy as we hiked into the field in Warwick County Park, so tripods were a must for photographing in the low light.



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