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The results of this day of shooting have been posted here

On Saturday I will be photographing some abandoned subway lines in the underground tunnels of Manhattan.  This should prove to be much fun and will push the Nikon D3 to perhaps its farthest limits yet.  I would imagine I will be shooting at atleast 3200, if not 6400 the entire time of my tour.  This test will be useful in determining D3 noise limits with great amounts of shadow detail, as well as lens limits with respect to coma, flare, ghosting, and sharpness at wide-open apertures.  The lenses I will be using are:

50 f/1.4
85 f/1.4
14-24 f/2.8

Also earlier that morning, I will be in and around the meat-packing district of New York City to photograph the goings-on of the early morning meat trade.  Perhaps we’ll see some interesting characters and faces, perhaps we’ll see into the open windows and doors of a number of the facilities.  A photo gallery of the weekend’s photos will be posted next week.


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