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Our New Home on the Web

This site will be gradually migrating to a new location
beginning December 12 2010.

Content will still be available on this site for some time, however please make sure you follow the link below and bookmark our new location



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Last week we began a photographic project for Cory Connor Interior Design in Chatham, NJ.
Cory’s style is a blend of country cottage and modern chic – the term I coined was ‘Country Chic’.
We will be photographing more of her designs as the fall rolls around so check back for more interiors soon!


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We will be making a considerable investment in a number of these printers.  I feel it will greatly enhance the quality of the product we offer our clients.

…obviously, I’m joking.  However, this video is very, very cool.

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From Atop The Forest Canopy - Costa Rica

Nikon D3     Nikon 50mm f/1.4 @ f/8     ISO 400

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Local Flora

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We awoke this morning to a winter wonderland.  Here are some photos of our little Dollhouse and the backyard.

The Dollhouse

Holly Tree & Giant Oak

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One of the village's 20 residents

One of the village's 16 residents

Ok, so Labro isn’t totally abandoned.  The prince still lives in the castle and there is a very popular restaurant in the village.  However, in terms of actual residents – yea, 16.  Including the cat.

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