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December 4 2010 – January 28 2011

New Providence Library
377 Elkwood Ave New Providence, NJ

Opening reception Sunday, Dec 12
from 2pm – 4pm

Evacuation II

Evacuation II

The Sightings collection presents a photojournalistic & voyeuristic view of city life.  Although most images from this collection have been taken in New York City or its surrounding urban areas, images from Boston, D.C. & Berlin have found their way into this series.  Sightings is an eye-witness account of life that would otherwise go unnoticed if it had not been captured by way of the photographic process.


Please join us on Sunday December 12 for discussion and refreshments from 2pm – 4pm.


Prints will be available for purchase, both standard prints as well registered limited edition fine art prints.  Information packets will be available too at the opening.  Images will be viewable online after the opening as well in order to launch one of our new websites! Stay tuned for details on this.

Yesterday was the annual Thanksgiving Day Fox Hunt of the Essex Fox Hounds Club and was held on the Ellistan Estate in Peapack-Gladstone, New Jersey.  We have been attending this event for the past few years in order to photograph the riders, horses and hounds.  It’s a charming way to begin your Thanksgiving morning.  A gentle snow fell in the morning right before the hounds took off in pursuit of their prey and this made for some very dramatic images.  Enjoy a handful of our photos posted below and please follow this link to the NJ.com / Star Ledger Article to read more about this event.

Four-in-Hand Carriage


Detail of Coachman

Great Dane & Little Friend

The Hounds Arrive!

Silly Hounds!



And off they go!


And then they vanished into the woods


All photos copyright 2010 Kaz Arts Photography.  May not be used without permission.   Full resolution files of the above photos and others  are available for publishing.   Please contact for details.

Fjoery von Schuilenberg - Free Spirit Friesian Farms

An outtake from this morning’s shoot in an ongoing commercial photography project with Free Spirit Friesian Farms in Whitehouse Station, NJ.

Free Spirit Friesian Farms is a breeder of Friesian horses.

The photograph seen below which was used in a feature article on this blog a few months ago, ‘Abandoned City Hall Station‘ has been, among other images taken by John-Paul Palescandolo and myself, used in a Yahoo News Story. Additionally, the Huffington Post has run a similar article where we supplied additional photos to help expand the breadth of the viewer experience.



Photo by John Paul Palescandolo & Eric Kazmirek

Enjoy some photographs from our workshop at Bushkill Falls, PA on October 23rd.  One of the main focuses of the day was learning how to gauge shutter speed in order to either show the flow of the water or to freeze the movement to show its amazing force.  We did this by way of using neutral density filters to block the huge amount of light from the gorgeous sunny day we had.  Additionally, concepts of composition and exposure technique were discussed just as they are at all Kaz Arts workshops.


Photo by Michael Paxton

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Here is a preview for those attending the Eastern State Penitentiary Workshop in Philadelphia next weekend on November 6th.  I wanted to post these so you can get an idea for the look and feel of the place and begin to brainstorm some ideas and compositions.  As always, there will be specialty lenses available for use throughout the day.  Don’t be shy!  Enjoy the photos and let me know if you have any questions.


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