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Here are some new products I’ll be field-testing while in Costa Rica:

Promaster T525P 4-section Carbon Fiber tripod
LowePro Flipside 400 Backpack
Hoya HD Circular Polarizing Filter
UV/IR Cut Filter
RPS Studio Mini Softbox Diffuser

Look for these reviews and of course photos from the trip in the coming weeks here at Lighting the Way.

When we return, we will also be catching up on many loose ends that have been left here on the forum:

Completing multi-part articles, finally posting our film vs. digital test from last year and really shifting our online store into full gear.

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Another group of photographs from our trip to Italy a couple of months ago.  Enjoy!



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A few days ago we worried that rain might wash out this annual Spring celebration at the Reeves Reed Arboretum in Summit, NJ.  Dark gray clouds loomed in the sky for most of the day, and as 3 o’clock rolled around it didn’t seem to be getting any brighter out.  However, nothing short of rain was going to stop the forward progress of photographic education.  Members of our small group all trickled in by 3:30 or so and at around that time, the sun came out of hiding and offered more possibilities for talking about exposure, metering, composition and ISO options.  All in all, it was a great day for those who were involved and everyone went home with more experience and photographic knowledge than when arrived.  Look for more of these informal mini workshops that we offer.  All events are posted on this blog, so check back often!

Enjoy some photographs Kerry shot from Daffodil Day!


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We had a Nikon 200-400 f/4 VR lens for the day and brought it out to the Bronx Zoo for a day of wildlife shooting.  The animal habitats were not all conducive to shooting with a lens like this, but we also had with us the Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 and the Nikon 85 f/ 1.4.  So, we pretty much had all of the bases covered.  Look for my review on the Nikon 200-400mm lens within the next week or so.  In the meantime, enjoy the zoo photos!

These photographs have received an Adobe Lightroom -ONLY treatment.  There has been no retouching done in Photoshop.
All images are copyright Eric Kazmirek & Phil Bernstein 2009.


Yes, a bit fuzzy. The glass was filthy!


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This week’s photos come from Priscilla Miller, one of my clients and a photographer from Bernardsville, NJ who specializes in equestrian photography.  Priscilla just returned from one of her favorite vacation spots and was kind enough to share some of her images with us for the blog.

Hope you enjoy!  All photos are  ©2009 Priscilla K. Miller, All rights reserved.

Hummingbirds are ubiquitous in Antigua, this one was buzzing the flowers along the path to Fort Berkeley, English Harbor, Antigua.

Mr. Eleston Adams – Incumbent candidate for parliament from St. Paul’s Parish, Antigua for the incumbent UPP government (United Progressive Party).  Adams was the minister for Culture and Independence Celebrations, but since winning this election he has had his duties re-assigned and is pending notification of his new role in government.  He is also a playwright, actor, cricketer and footballer with the alias of Nambulumbu Nambalala AKA Nambu.

A beach vendor at Darkwood Beach, Eileen, was hoping to sell bracelets made of shells to a group of holiday makers who were picnicing on the beach.  Business has not been very good for her this year.


Horses graze below the ruins of a sugar mill at FFryes Beach on the southwest coast of Antigua.  Antigua was once a major producer of sugar cane, and abandoned mills dot the countryside recalling days of British colonialism and slavery.  Molasses, slaves and rum.


Limin’ at Fryes Beach.  Several Antiguan men take time off midday to relax in the shade.  Limin’, short for Liming is a term for relaxing or hanging about derived from when British Sailors came ashore on leave.  The sailors were known as Limeys,as they were fed lime juice to prevent scurvy on long voyages.

Fresh caught Dorado on the pavers at Nelson’s Dockyard, English Harbor, Antigua.  16mm lens


“JB” Bailey works on his racing yacht, the, “Semper Fi”  named in honor of his son who is currently serving as a US Marine in Iraq.  His son is due to return to San Diego in early April of this year.

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Sour news for all Canon users who might have been expecting a new 1-Series DSLR on March 26.  Looks like it will be a new incarnation of Digital Rebel.  Curious…odd…not quite sure why, considering the XSi is quite young.  Maybe it is going to be a sister camera?  I guess we’ll see once some ‘official’ news is released.

In other areas of the industry…the announcement of the Nikon D400 appears to be approaching closer as there has been some heavy activity in the rumor mill the past couple of days.  Yesterday Nikon Europe websites were down which typically means there is some product updates or product change-overs.  Why is it significant that it is happening on the Nikon Europe websites?  Nikon Europe is always the first to make major product announcements.

Whatever is announced, and whenever it becomes announced, I guarantee I will post my anticipations, opinions, remarks, and overviews here.

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'The Shot' to be compared across mediums

'The Shot' to be compared across mediums

We have finished taking all of the images for our huge digital vs. film show-down.  The film is currently in queue for processing and I will post a list of all the film types shot and also all digital formats shot as soon as we group everything into a single place.  The write up & review will probably come in chunks, so be prepared for a lot of information coming your way.  We have done this test to attempt to settle the score on the current digital technology and its quality level versus the traditional photographic medium.

John-Paul shooting with the Nikon F5

John-Paul shooting with the Nikon F5

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Cathedral at Ulm,  Germany     June 2008

Cathedral at Ulm, Germany June 2008

Nikon D3        Nikon 24-70 f/2.8        @ 3200 ISO

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Today John-Paul and I will be taking a number of film sizes and types and making test shots to make the big comparison between film and digital.  The film types up for scrutiny and review?

  • 35mm Kodak Ektar & Ilford FP4 & Kodak Tech-Pan
  • Medium-format 2 1/4 and 6×4.5
  • Large Format 4×5

After the rolls are processed and digitized John-Paul and I will make comparisons to images of same subject matter shot tomorrow as well with both the Canon 5D and the Nikon D3.

We will see who the winners are and definitely share them with you once our results are finalized.

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Many people outside of workshop settings often ask me  how I get such sharp, crisp images.  Seriously, they do – and I usually tell them that I just have a really smart camera.  Although that might be true, there is certainly more to it than that.  In a not-so-formal essay, today I will outline some basic tips and techniques that I employ in order to achieve crisp photographs.  You can try them too, if you like.

While in workshop sessions, and people ask me how I get sharp photographs [particularly landscape & architecture shots] this is what I tell them:

  • I tripod mount my camera
  • Attach my cable release
  • I set my camera to the lowest native ISO
  • I close down my aperture approximately 2-3 stops from the widest opening (usually f/5.6-f/8).
  • Compose, meter, and focus the scene
  • Enable mirror lock-up
  • Depress my cable release

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